CBD Vape Oil is a 100% Legal Alternative With All the Same Benefits

With a proprietary blend of cannabinoids and terpenes (50mg-300mg), CBDShipt.com ‘s CBD Vape Oils are a safe and natural alternative to marijuana-based vaporizers. You get all of the same benefits without the psychotropic effects and the legal hoops to jump through. The industrial hemp base we use in the creation process is specially made to keep the balance of ingredients just right, while ensuring complete legality throughout the U.S. ( 0.3% or less THC).
Compatible with most of the vaporizers out on the market today, our Vape Oil is the smart and easy choice when it comes to getting your dose of CBD.

The Benefits of CBD Vaporizer Oils

CBD Vape Oils have seen a large boost in their popularity in recent years. While more and more people are being turned onto the possible benefits of CBD, they are also realizing that other methods, such as oral ingestion and tinctures, can be inconsistent in their dosage and effect delays. Smoking or Vaporizing as a means of administering CBD is a much more consistent and immediate method. Vaporizing combines the best of both worlds by negating the downsides of smoking, while also providing the reliability of dosage level and direct effects smoking provides.
Each vaporizer cartridge of CBD will likely last you somewhere between 3 days, to two weeks depending on your needs. The more you use CBD, the less you will need to take over time, the opposite of stimulants such as nicotine. The CBD will remain in your body for multiple weeks, requiring you to take less to receive the same effects.

CBD oil won’t get you “high.” It will not cause you to have red eyes, the munchies, or any of the other side effects attributed to products like marijuana. It is also not an addictive substance.

The Uses of CBD Vape Oils

People use CBD oils for a number of reasons. CBD has been hailed as a fantastic method for alleviating the symptoms of various diseases and ailments such as anxiety, seizures, joint pain, and cancer. While official data and research have yet to be completed, there is an overwhelming amount of personal accounts, videos, and testimonials that tout the benefits and life changing effects of CBD.

Some of the purported benefits of CBD Vape Oils include:

  • Appetite control
  • Antiemetic (protects against nausea and vomiting)
  • Anti-Anxiety
  • Antidepressant
  • Improves the symptoms of Glaucoma and Osteoporosis
  • Sleep Apnea
  • High Blood Pressure


Plus a plethora of other benefits for general health and the alleviation of symptoms of serious diseases, as well as general health upkeep and prevention.

Some interesting research today with promising results includes the finding that CBD oil helps to reduce nicotine cravings, with some smokers seeing a 40% reduction in cigarette usage as compared to a placebo. The prevention of the onset of diabetes (so far it has been highly effective on mice). Relief of symptoms of PTSD as related to the anti-anxiety and anti-stress effects of CBD. A non-habit forming method of warding away insomnia.

Most of these studies are either still being conducted or require further peer reviews, but the wide range of possible benefits seems to be growing daily.

Since CBD vape oil will not get you “high” and poses no serious (or likely even minimal) health risk, you are free to administer as much as you believe you require. However, you should always consult a doctor before any major lifestyle or dietary changes – to include vaping.

Made from High Quality



We make it a point to only supply the highest quality CBD Vape Oils available. Each of our products is guaranteed to have gone through a rigorous quality control system to ensure you are only getting the most natural and pure dosage of CBD.
Quality, safety, and service are phrases we live by, and as CBD users ourselves we know how important it is that you have complete trust in where your oil is coming from. In fact, this is what inspired us to carry CBD oils in the first place.
We ensure that we not only provide you with the best options available, but alsoa diversity of choice from a range of companies. We have gone out of our way to make sure that we carry the best CBD Vape Oils and that we provide you with the best quality CBD products ranging from skin moisturizers to anti-aging creams and pain rubs.
There is no substitute for quality.

Still Got Questions? Download Our Free CBD Vape Oil Buying Guide

We understand shopping and researching for CBD Oils can be a bit confusing. To help you out we have created a simple and straightforward guide that goes over what you should be looking for, why, and what your options are.
For example, do you know the differences between CBD vape oil, CBD hemp oil, and CBD e-liquid?
Let us help you understand so you can fully enjoy the benefits of CBD Oils

Let CBD Vape Oils Change your Life

Whether you are looking to make your first CBD purchase, or are a long time user looking to switch over to vaporizing, CBDShip.com is the best location for ensuring you are ordering high quality and safe CBD Oil products. Our goal is to make your life easier, healthier, and happier.

Order today and see why so many stand by the belief that CBD Oils have changed their life for the better. Whether you are looking to alleviate symptoms or simply provide preventative care, the possible benefits are seemingly endless.

Stop dealing with unreliable oral methods and switch over to an easy to use vaporizer – or begin your CBD experience with the safest and most practical method of usage.

Whatever your stage in the process, let CBD Vape Oil change your life for the better.

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