Taffy & Caramel Chews from The CBD Co.


CBD Rich Hemp Oil chews for immediate relief. The CBD Co created some of the most tasty CBD taffies and caramel chews you can find. Each box contains 2 pieces each piece containing 10 MG, of pure, full spectrum, CBD hemp oil.

Gluten Free
Hand Crafted in Small Batches
Tested for Purity & Potency
Enhanced with Turpines
Full Spectrum Cannabinoids
Super Critical C02 Extraction
Superior Uptake & Bioavailability

Available in:
Caramel: Classic, Chocolate, Sea Salt
Taffy: Peppermint, Sour Apple, Orange Mango, Cherry

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Caramels Classic, Caramels sea salt, Peppermint Taffy, Sour Apple taffy, Orange Mango Taffy, Cherry Taffy


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