CBD Oils have recently benefited from a rapidly growing reputation for alleviating the symptoms
of a huge number of diseases and medical conditions. Everything from chronic pain to insomnia
to depression. One of the most common claims regarding the beneficial effects of CBD dosing is
that it provides substantial curative and soothing effects to those who suffer from glaucoma. I
have seen this claim presented on nearly every other CBD promotional site out there, but I
rarely see any articles providing backing for these claims.
To cure my curiosity, I decided to delve into the actual science of these claims and see what I
come up with – I have also written this article to share my findings with you and provide a source
list for anyone looking to do the same.
Also, keep in my mind I am not a scientist, I can only simply parrot back the claims of these
studies, I am in no position to refute or substantiate any of these claims.
It is also worth noting that The American Glaucoma Society recommends against smoking
marijuana for glaucoma, due to the psychoactive potential, and effects smoke on the lungs –
issues that CBD products do not contain.
To start, let's first understand what glaucoma is. According to the NHS, the National Health
Services of the UK, glaucoma is a medical condition that affects the optic nerve, that which
connects the eye to the brain. “It typically occurs when the fluid in the eye cannot drain properly,
which heightens pressure within the eye and puts pressure on the optic nerve.” According to
the NHS certain procedures such as laser treatment or surgery can release some of the
pressure. But sadly, the NHS says “It's not possible to reverse any loss of vision that occurred
before glaucoma was diagnosed.”
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Alright, with that out of the way lets see what medical studies I can dig up that have shown a link
between CBD and glaucoma.
Study #1: Cannabinoids and Glaucoma | British Journal of