Last time I wrote about the healing effects of CBD oils as relating to Glaucoma, and whether or
not there is any scientific proof that CBD oils are the miracle cure so many claim. In our
research we found dozens and dozens of individual cases of those who claim CBD oil helped
them either stop suffering or become completely cured from a number of ailments.While
individual anecdotal evidence is always interesting, and can be great signposts for further
research – we purposefully steered away from them for the purpose of sticking we peer
reviewed and published studies. In the end we were left with an article that digs into multiple
published studies and demonstrates that CBD has been found to have beneficial effects, but
further research is still needed.

Before moving on to other topics though, I wanted to address the many individual cases of CBD
oils facilitating miraculous recoveries. Obviously these are not typical cases, and only represent
an individual’s reaction and are not necessarily related or demonstrative of how CBD will react
with anyone else – they are, however, interesting.

Rather than making an entire list of the cases, something I will do in the near future, I want to
highlight some key events.

Without further ado, let us look as some amazing CBD cases:


Alexis Bortel, CBD Oil and Seizures

Alexis Bortell is an 11 year old who was forced to leave Texas and relocate in to Colorado in
order to properly treat her condition. She would suffer from debilitating seizures constantly, and
mainstream pharmaceuticals failed to have any lasting effect. A mixture of THC and CBD oils
have helped her live her life seizure free for nearly three years. Alexis is currently suing the
U.S. Department of Justice, and the DEA, to legalize medical cannabis.

The effects of CBD oils are one of the best and most obvious documented cases of the benefits
of CBD’s. Countless videos and stories can be watched and read on this exact topic. In fact,
The American Epilepsy Society just released a study earlier this year titled the “Efficacy and
Safety of Epidiolex (Cannabidiol) in Children and Young Adults With Treatment-Resistant
Epilepsy.” In the study it was found that both the severity and rate of seizures in both children
and adults was drastically decreased. A resulting general reduction in seizures of around 45%




Landon Riddle, Cancer, Leukemia

While it is unlikely that CBD oils will be some sort of ultimate miracle cure as some sites claim,
there have been some incidents where Cannabinoid vapes and oils have been involved in
helping the quality of life of a patient and ultimately playing a role in a dramatic recovery. One
such case is Lucas RIddle. Lucas was diagnosed with leukaemia when he was only a toddler,
and became the youngest medical marijuana patient in the United States.

Lucas was given cannabinoid oils in lieu of a pharmaceutical cocktail that was recommended.
Despite the dire predictions by doctors, Lucas continues to thrive years later. It is unlikely the
oils did all the work- his early chemo treatments likely killed the cancer and the oils assisted in
recovery and prevention.

While this is an extreme case and not recommended without first consulting a doctor -it is not
the first of such cases. Here is a similar case in the UK.




Jason Kamara, Brain Tumor

Jason Kamara had only weeks to live when his daughter began treating him with CBD oil. A
month later his improving state was baffling doctors. A complication with his illness recently led
to his untimely death, but the improvement in awareness and function and seeming recovery
has inspired many to explore CBD oils as a treatment further.




Colette Frawley, Migraine Sufferer, Ireland

(Referencing a report by the Irish Times.) Colette Frawley, has suffered most of her Sixty-one
years of life with extremely painful and debilitating migraines. After taking a ton of painkillers
throughout her life with varying degrees of effect, she says she has replaced all that with CBD
Oils. After a friend of hers suffering from cancer told her of her positive experiences with the
benefits of CBD, Colette decided to give it a go. She says the CBD helps her manage the pain
and intensity her migraines quickly and without side effects.




Other Interesting People/Studies

Noa Shulman, Autism, Israel

Early in 2017, Newsweek did a report on a current study currently being conducted in Israel.
After some doctors reported seeing positive outcomes with autistic patients with CBD oils, the
resources were committed to a larger study. Though it looks promising, it is still too early for any
concrete statements. Related study here.


— — — — — — — —

This is by no means a complete or exhaustive list. We are simply highlighting some key CBD Oil